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If you have been involved in a car accident, you may be confused about your legal rights. If the accident was not your fault, then the insurance companies may try to blame you. Don’t be intimidated by the insurance adjusters. A lot of them are trained to blame you so you believe it was your fault. They will do this so you don’t try to pursue them for payment. However, nobody can tell you whether or not an accident was your fault unless it has been fully analyzed. A lot of times, the police will arrive at the scene of an accident and determine whose fault it was. However, such conclusions are not always accurate and they can be appealed. To do this, you will need to ask help from a Los Angeles car accident lawyer. Such lawyer would know the law, and they would know what to do to appeal your case.

When you are involved in an auto accident, the first step for you is to get out of your car and ask if all other drivers and their passengers are OK. If anyone says they are not, then you would have to call an ambulance to get medical help. After that, you will need to exchange information with the other drivers. At this point, it is not necessary to discuss who was at fault or analyze your damages. If anyone does not have insurance, it is very important that you obtain other information from them, like the car’s license plate number and their driver’s license number. If they don’t have insurance or a driver’s license, you may want to call the police to let them take a report because such people are usually difficult. They are usually the type of people that have no money or if they do, you may have to go through court to get them to pay. We will talk more about this later.


You can get a lot of useful information from dmv. If the other party does have insurance, they will call you to ask you what happened. We recommend that you do not speak to this people. Let a car accident attorney handle this because you might say something that will be used against you later. For example, you might say you were not driving at a safe distance, and that will be used against you to lower your damages. If you want the highest amount of compensation possible, contact a lawyer that handles car accidents and they will speak to the insurance company. The other benefit of letting a lawyer handle your case is that the insurance companies will figure that you are serious, and they won’t give you the runaround anymore. They will know that you don’t like having your time wasted, and they will cut you a check more quickly.

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Hiring an accident lawyer is usually free of charge. Most personal injury attorneys do not charge an upfront fee and they also offer free reviews of your case. Once the opposing party’s insurance company calls you, you can tell them that your attorney will give them a call back to discuss. Then, you can start looking at options. When you have decided who the best attorney is for your case, you can sign a standard retainer agreement, which basically says that you will hire their law firm to represent you, and they will bear the cost of litigation until some amount of money is recovered. Once they have recovered, they will take a percentage. In the state of California, city of Los Angeles, this compensation is usually around 33% but it can be higher depending on the circumstances. A few factors that affect this are how much work your case takes, how much research it takes, how many letters are sent out. It is really all about how much time it takes for your case to settle, from start to finish.